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Where the extraordinary is ordinary...


At The Shameless Carnivore, we strive to offer guests a dining experience not possible in a traditional restaurant. Since we only serve guests of Weathertop Mountain Inn, and as owners we’re also the cooks & servers, we have maximum flexibility in delivering guests a customized & memorable dining experience.


  • Grilled LobsterGrilled lobster with roasted clams & vegetables...
  • Mediterranean Grilled FishGreek-style grilled fish with haloumi & peppers...
  • Italian Braised RabbitItalian-style braised rabbit with cherry peppers...
  • Lamb TagineMoroccan-style lamb shank tagine...
  • Smoked MeatsSmoked beef brisket & pork tenderloin with grilled corn & beans...
  • Smoked Turkey & TroutSmoked turkey breast & trout with a chilled cucumber-mint soup...
  • Vietnamese Grilled FishVietnamese-style grilled fish with rice & spicy greens...


The following are some alternatives that may be of interest:

Evening Dining Specialties For Two

Specialties For Two At The Shameless Carnivore

specialties for twoWe’re always looking for new ways to take a dining experience at The Shameless Carnivore to “the next level”. We gather a lot of inspiration from the cooks & kitchens we visit on our travels, and love passing along their family recipes, culinary creations & passion for great food to our guests. We have selected a number of dishes - personal favorites - which we offer to our guests. They require extra time to procure ingredients & prepare, so 24 hour advance notice is required. Our Specialties For Two are prepared in sufficient quantity to satisfy two persons, but the amount can easily be increased to accomodate a larger party if desired. All come with a host of appropriate side dishes.

Our Specialties For Two menu changes seasonally. Some dishes may also be added at any time if we're able to procure a unique ingredient that catches our attention! Possibilities range from rustic Mediterranean to exotic North African to fragrant & fresh Southeast Asian. Fresh game & seafood are always featured. To see our current offerings click here.

If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us. Pricing is market dependent for some items, but we can assure you of an amazing experience that is a great value! This dining special may not be available during busy holiday periods - please inquire.

Weathertop Asian Culinary Odyssey

Asian Culinary Odyssey At The Shameless Carnivore

dining odysseyIf you have a passion for the diverse cuisines of Asia, or wish to try one you have never experienced before, our Asian Culinary Odyssey should not be missed! You choose the country, you choose the main ingredients, and we take care of the rest...

For $74 per couple excluding tax, you get a soup, salad & combination of main dishes - created by us - representative of your chosen country. This is followed by a fabulous dessert from our standard nightly menu. Visit Asia for an evening - no passport required!

You have only four things to do:

  • Choose a country: Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Korea (or give us license to mix & match countries...).
  • Choose two main ingredients: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Duck, Fish, Shrimp or Tofu (all vegetarian is also possible...).
  • Advise us of any dislikes or allergies (it’s OK if you don’t like eggplant, just say so...).
  • Enjoy your trip!

Additional information:

  • Two day advance notice is required to experience an Asian Culinary Odyssey. We need the additional time to prepare, but it’s definitely worth it!
  • This dining special may not be available during busy holiday periods - please inquire.

Holiday Dining At Weathertop

Holiday Dining At The Shameless Carnivore

specialty holiday diningOn major holidays, all of the restaurants in The Mad River Valley are quite busy. On Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, some are closed. The Shameless Carnivore at Weathertop Mountain Inn is always open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve & Valentine’s Day. Wherever you plan to dine during major holidays, PLEASE MAKE RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE! Nobody wants to be disappointed, especially on a major holiday, so plan accordingly.

Private Parties At Weathertop

Private Parties At Weathertop

specialty private partiesWith 8 guest rooms and a maximum inn occupancy of 18 persons, Weathertop Mountain Inn is the ideal venue to host a small family reunion, travel club, corporate outing, or wedding group. Consider engaging our restaurant, The Shameless Carnivore, to prepare a group clambake, summer BBQ, candle-lit wine tasting dinner, wedding rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch. The possibilities are limitless. Contact us...

Our Dinner Hours

6:30 - 8:30 PM
Closed Sundays

Our full menu is available from 24-Dec through 31-Mar:

See a sample menu...

At all other times, we are only open for Evening Dining Specialties:

See our specialties...


Reservations are required at The Shameless Carnivore.

For our full winter menu, you may let us know in the morning if you wish to dine that evening. For dining on the night of arrival, please let us know the day prior.

Our Evening Dining Specialties require 24-48 hour notice.

Any Dietary Needs?

We can accommodate most special dietary requests. Advance notice is most appreciated.

Contact us...

Local Sourcing

We take pride in our homemade products, and we also use fresh & local ingredients whenever feasible.


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